Handyman Services

Ready to cross off your list of "To-Do's"?  Let us at PMT Services help you with your projects. Our technicians are knowledgeable, experienced and professional. Whatever your project, big or small, we will make sure it's done right. 

*Rental Property Renovations

*General Home Repairs

*Trash Hauling ...Have some items that need to go to the dump, but don't have a way to get it     there. Let us haul it away for you 

*Decks ...Rotting boards on your deck? Let us repair that. Have an unfinished deck? Pick your stain we will finish it. 

*Trim Installation ...Need trim or moulding installed we can do that

*Paint Touch-Up …Paint peeling ~ Scratches or gouging on the walls

*Drywall Repairs …Cracks from settling ~ Wear and tear ~ Moisture damage ~ Kid damage ~       Doorknob holes ~ Mice damage ~Drywall anchor holes ~ Dart throwing holes

*Install/Rehang Doors ...Have a door that isn't closing properly? Need a door installed?   We can do that

*Windows ...Broken, cracked or just outdated and needs replaced? We can FIX that 

*Cabinets …Do you have a cabinet door dangling that needs repairing? Want to give your cabinets a face-lift? 

*Furniture Assembly ...Some of them can be complicated and just down right                     frustrating!  

*Gutters …Gutters leaking? We can stop that 

*Siding ​...Missing or broken siding panels? We can replace them

Property Evaluations/Consultant Services

Property Maintenance Technicians

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Mon-Frid 8-5

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